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Building Websites for Tech Companies – 5 How To’s

websites-are-easyBuilding website is easy right?

You design the site, get the OK from the client and then develop it into a great, fast, responsive, highly converting website. It’s all good, everyone is happy.

But things get a bit more complicated if you design a site for a tech company, because the tech industry and usually the products the individual company is offering change so rapidly it is difficult to keep up! I’m going to tell a quick story of 5 How To’s we used to make this easier for a client called Chose a Quadcopter we had recently. I hope you enjoy.

5 How To’s – Keeping Tech Websites Relevant

Ask the Clients

Just ask the clients once a month if there are any big changes coming in the next month or 2. This way you not only have the insight directly from the client’s mouth, but even more importantly if they say something hasn’t been updated you have proof there was nothing needed from their own mouth!

Check the Tech News

Most tech news is very big and will go through one of 2/3 large tech news broadcasters, these are people like techcrunch, wired etc. So if you have a quick look (2-3 mins a day) via these channels you will not only be ahead of the curve but you will also have more knowledge to utilise for your clients promotions.

Keep the Content Evergreen

If you don’t do this already I would highly recommend starting. Evergreen content simply stands for elements that aren’t restricted by dates/seasons or specific events. For example keywords that get a steady search volume each and every month, rather than terms that peak at specific times in the year or calendar, that might not be relevant in 2-3 months time. This helps avoid the “outdated” look of the site when the news if from a large event that was over 2 months ago.

Design Minimal

Tech companies love minimalist designs. Think about the top tech companies in the world. Google, apple, even the top supercar companies in the world all favour the less is more approach. That means people will be more enticed by a design that is slim and streamlined than one that has more going on. This is regardless of how good the actual design is. But its more about how people perceive a company its a tough one to get right but its one rule you must live by.

Images? WTF?

Finally I wanted to talk about the easiest and most difficult tech web design how to. And that’s the imagery. We struggled so hard with the images for our 3 tech clients and not due to the reasons you might think. For example our drone client had amazing photography of what the drone “had taken” but nothing of the drone…. The solution. 2 drones, one photographing the other with different backdrops. Turned out to work fantastically well but you have to think outside the box and always check that these images are still relevant.

3 New Design Tools I love – Technology is Great

I wanted to write this article talking about 3 design tools I have recently started using on a daily basis. These are softwares that make my life as a designer so much easier. Now these are not new on the market, at least I don’t think they are. BUt they are things that are making my life so much easier, when it comes to creating graphics with specific sizes (say for Facebook ads for example) or when it comes to linking websites together and copying the branding of each. These little things used to take ages to sort but nowadays I think its easier with these tools and it also takes 1/10th of the time too!

CanvaCanva – Create Specific Sized Text Rich Images

If you are like me, then the specs of a website are extremely frustrating. Take Facebook for example, the site only allows certain pixel sized images and knowing what these are is one thing, but remembering is a completely other thing! – If you look at the size of Facebook ads, you probably think its a 300 x 500 image. But with Canva you not only can find out the exact dimensions for these images but you can actually create the ad inside these dimensions automatically. The site itself is so smooth and easy to use I recommend it to clients who want to tweak their own designs as anyone even a child could use it!

Thrive ThemesThrive Themes – Perfectly Optimised & Converting Websites

Thrive themes and plugins allows individual who don’t know HTML or any advanced WordPress or CSS to make a seriously good looking website using their themes. They created this as they believe that WordPress is great from a ease to set-up point of view, but when it comes to making the site actually look good or convert well, it’s almost impossible unless you have any design knowledge. The Thrive content builder is the thing I would personally recommend above all else. This is a drag and drop website designer that actually works (not like the crappy Godaddy or Wix versions.) The code isn’t cluttered and you can create a landing page, business website, sales page, squeeze page and pretty much anything, all taken from a base template.

Type GeniusType Genius – Find the Perfect Fonts in Seconds

Type Genius is one of those sites that I wondered how I would cope if they ever went down. I use them on a daily basis for both client copywriting and design work. As well as being a design nerd and looking to find the best fonts for future personal projects that I haven’t even started yet! Essentially the site allows you to find the perfect font for your project extremely quickly, without the need for testing and refreshing the website to see if it looks good or any of that rubbish. This is a quick go-to tool for designers who want to see the style and font of text before implementing it into a site.

How to Turn Cash-Flow into Profit Every year

So let’s assume you have a design business that makes around £5,000-£50,000 profit for you put month. You work hard but you have a couple of hours extra a day that you want to improve the profitability of your personal income. My advice is going to show you how you can turn this additional cash flow into tax-free income. Now that are tax implications to the 2 methods I’m going to outline but for the methods I outline, they have some great tax free earning potentials.

The first is forex trading. If you don’t know forex trading is trading 2 different currency pairs against each other, so for example the dollar vs pound or the yen vs euro. There are hundreds of currency pairs and over 5 trillion dollars is invested every single day in the forex markets! This makes the market extremely profitable but also extremely volatile, so before you get started I’ve outlined 3 things (resources) that you should read, with the utmost concentration.

  1. Foreign exchange questions and answers – This is a huge guide of FAQs when it comes to foreign exchange. Perfect for someone who is interested in forex and making money through the markets, but who isn’t yet familiar with the terms and strategies.
  2. Babypips School for forex – This is a personal favourite of mine and what I personally used to learn forex. It’s created by one of the no BS forex traders and its 100% free. Starting at the very basic level (pre-school) and going through to their University level which outlines advanced trading strategies, its great for anyone who wants to learn all the information from start to finish!
  3. Investopedia – It’s the investors guide to anything. They have so much great information on this site its scary. For example any word you don’t understand or any concept just Google it or search in their site search and it will come up with a great definition for it. As well as the glossary they have beginner through to advanced trading strategies and everything in between. All the information is totally free so I’d recommend getting there today and having a look around.

If forex trading isn’t your thing, don’t worry I have a second method for you, and that’s trading commodities or “stocks.” Stock trading is one of the most misunderstood methods to generate additional income. This is 100% not gambling if you do it right, and although you can never guarantee profits, its almost guaranteed when using the correct outlined strategies. I won’t name all of these here as this article would be 10,000 words long. Instead I will just say there are 2 books you should pick up. The first is the naked trader by Robbie Burns and the second is come into my trading room by Elder. Both are 100% awesome and no BS, these aren’t get rich quick books. Instead they will show you how you can make a great ROI every year (20-50%) FOR LIFE.

Let me know what you thought of the article and remember to share if you enjoyed the read!

Mixing Great Design with Great Business

Quite a few designers and web design agencies stuggle when it comes to promoting their business, they want to somehow promote their work, but some clients sign NDAs, others don’t really want to be featured and some don’t have the budget to create truly amazing content or graphics. Instead you should utilise your own skills to create great graphics and promote them in the right way to generate business as a result.

Today I’m going to talk about a time I saw this beautifully in action. Gareth’s infographic embedded below, shows perfectly how you can mix great design and marketing as one to generate real business and sales as a result. This infographic on the topic of digital marketing in 2016 – A done for you guide. Gives you a brief insight into all the elements you should be doing in a digital marketing campaign. Although the infographic is great and well designed the long list gives business owners a lot to think about, but one thing is clear, if they “don’t have the time” to do this, then they are going to give Gareth a call and ask him to just do it for them. It’s a win win situation for him, he gets potential clients who understand the process and it didn’t cost it much in the process!

[Infographic] Dominate 2016 With This Done For You Digital Marketing Guide

The Keys to a Successful Infographic Marketing Campaign:

  1. Decide on a relevant infographic topic.
  2. Choose a topic that potential clients will be searching for.
  3. Research your keywords to ensure there is a search volume for your target market.
  4. Create a truly awesome infographic and ensure its easy to digest and read. Infographics were initially created to display difficult to understand data in a visual format, keep this concept in mind when you are creating yours.
  5. Once created upload to your website in a blog post targeting the previously mentioned keywords, ensure all on-page optimisation techniques are in place.
  6. Once your article is live, promote on social media, including promoted posts, Twitter and Facebook ads if you have the budget and utilise Linkedin and Reddit, as well as other unique advertising sources.
  7. Continue to distribute your content, contact industry experts to ask what they think and if they would be willing to share the infographic, this becomes a lot easier if you have built a network in the past.
  8. Profit from the results through traffic, social signals, backlinks and ideally potential clients seeing your quality of work and reaching out to you as a result.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the post, remember taking action is better than simply “hoping” someone will see your design agency. Get out and start to promote your agency by any means necessary.

SEO 101 – The Search Engine Optimisation Basics

SEO 101When you have a business, it is very important that your business gets the market that it needs so that it can easily make sales. Without proper marketing, a business can die very easily. Moreover, with the technology these days, the ways of marketing one’s business has been stronger than before. This is the reason why a lot of businesses feel the importance of SEO or search engine optimization.

Learn the SEO Basics and it will save you time in the long run!

When customers search a name in their search engine, all the websites that have the same or similar keyword will appear. However, they are being ranked. This is the reason why we see several pages at the bottom page of the browsers. if the websites appear higher it means that they get more traffic and they get more chances of being browsed by customers. The search engine optimization will help you possibly to get to the number one spot or if not higher than the usual.

So, if you want your business to be always on the first spot, then there are simple ways to do so.

First, it is very important to choose the right keywords. The keywords are the things that most people search on the search box. Your keywords must match what the person is trying to search. However, you need to remember that there are so many other companies so it is best to choose your keywords carefully. In choosing keywords, you need to think of what people might probably search. It is best to choose the most common and most relevant keywords. As a matter of fact, there are some applications online that may be used to help you identify the possible keywords.

The next thing that you need to do is to always keep everything from your blog as new and as fresh as possible. You can set your website to be always updated. As a matter of fact, there are so many businesses that still rely on SEO. It is still one of the best ways to keep your website at high ranks. It is not really that expensive compared to other forms of marketing online. Moreover, a lot of people use the internet and use the search engines almost everyday.

Lastly, you also need to know that year by year, SEO changes. There are additional rules to it and some of them may not be used anymore. So, it is good to know that SEO still exists but may change someday. You need to utilize it more since it still works for everybody. If you are unsure you can also hire a cheap-ish seo consultant to do some tasks for you. Again as you already know we recommend HQ SEO for seo consulting, they are great for design and consulting on anything related to search.

In summary, before understanding SEO you should know what it means and how it works. This helps your business gain traffic and possible be in the first spot as keywords are being typed into the search box. If you have a website, it is very important to keep it fresh and updated. Moreover, the usage of the proper keywords is also very important. Every business, should consider using SEO because most people are using the internet to buy the products and services that they need in their daily lives.