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Our New Client’s Web Design

It’s not often we are able to feature new clients designs on the site but today we are able to do exactly that. Instead of what you might think with our designs, which is usually local businesses following up by SEO. This site is a huge UK wide e-cigs and e-liquid retailer. Which is a hugely profitable and growing market. We designed an ecom shop for them that helps them sell individual items to people at good prices and without the hassle and cost of going through a 3rd party or affiliate.

The website in question is at: and you can check it out to have a look at the services we offer for ecommerce style web stores. Generally what we recommend is the below:

  1. Fully mobile responsive design – So the site looks great on both desktops, devices and mobiles. This is essential to anyone who wants a business in 2016 and beyond. Over 50% of searches are now done on mobile devices!
  2. On-page SEO integration – SEO is a tricky game, but the on-page elements are relatively straight forward and done correctly can rank you for a lot of lower competition keywords, as well as get you on the right route for competitive keywords.
  3. Keyword research – Keywords are what you will aim to rank for in Google. This is usually done before the on-page seo section as most of these will be integrated into the content and images on the site itself.
  4. Checkout Processing – So your business can take orders and produce packing information all automatically. This is essential to anyone wanting to automate their business and keep admin costs down. Although payment transaction fees are high, they are cheaper than losing money through manual invoicing!

If you have those 4 items in place when you have a website built, it is pretty much an all in one solution that lets you set up your business to just add “you”. In a way this is a business in a box, as anything that needs to be done from a sales funnel point of view and transactions is already complete. This means you can actually go out and close clients or customers from day 1! That’s the power of strong web design.

Mixing Great Design with Great Business

Quite a few designers and web design agencies stuggle when it comes to promoting their business, they want to somehow promote their work, but some clients sign NDAs, others don’t really want to be featured and some don’t have the budget to create truly amazing content or graphics. Instead you should utilise your own skills to create great graphics and promote them in the right way to generate business as a result.

Today I’m going to talk about a time I saw this beautifully in action. Gareth’s infographic embedded below, shows perfectly how you can mix great design and marketing as one to generate real business and sales as a result. This infographic on the topic of digital marketing in 2016 – A done for you guide. Gives you a brief insight into all the elements you should be doing in a digital marketing campaign. Although the infographic is great and well designed the long list gives business owners a lot to think about, but one thing is clear, if they “don’t have the time” to do this, then they are going to give Gareth a call and ask him to just do it for them. It’s a win win situation for him, he gets potential clients who understand the process and it didn’t cost it much in the process!

[Infographic] Dominate 2016 With This Done For You Digital Marketing Guide

The Keys to a Successful Infographic Marketing Campaign:

  1. Decide on a relevant infographic topic.
  2. Choose a topic that potential clients will be searching for.
  3. Research your keywords to ensure there is a search volume for your target market.
  4. Create a truly awesome infographic and ensure its easy to digest and read. Infographics were initially created to display difficult to understand data in a visual format, keep this concept in mind when you are creating yours.
  5. Once created upload to your website in a blog post targeting the previously mentioned keywords, ensure all on-page optimisation techniques are in place.
  6. Once your article is live, promote on social media, including promoted posts, Twitter and Facebook ads if you have the budget and utilise Linkedin and Reddit, as well as other unique advertising sources.
  7. Continue to distribute your content, contact industry experts to ask what they think and if they would be willing to share the infographic, this becomes a lot easier if you have built a network in the past.
  8. Profit from the results through traffic, social signals, backlinks and ideally potential clients seeing your quality of work and reaching out to you as a result.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the post, remember taking action is better than simply “hoping” someone will see your design agency. Get out and start to promote your agency by any means necessary.

Branding 101 – Learn How to Brand Your Business

Branding 101

Branding 101

Most of the time when people purchase a product or a good, they always look at the brand. A brand could be a name, a symbol, or a picture that represents a company. It is the very detail of the company. It does not only speak of the picture or the name. It speaks about how the colours, the curves, and strokes were carefully chosen to represent a company.  As a matter of fact, for some people they just do not purchase a thing or a service but they pay for the brand. There are some customers who are stereotypes. They say that good brands have good quality while poor brands have poor quality. This is the reason why if you own a business, it is very important to choose your brand carefully.

Branding is more than just a logo!

A business’ brand is actually the first form of marketing. This is the reason why it should be planned carefully. It is necessary to choose the right colours so that they will blend well. Brands are important because it is the identity of your company. It is a visual representation of what you believe in and what you want to give to your customers. Brands are important because it has the power to draw more customers. Your brand speaks of what your company represents and what your company believes in.

So, if you are a business owner who does not have a brand yet, here are some tips on how to choose your brand. Basically, you need to plan out. Your brand will represent you for as long as your company still exists. It is not smart to keep on changing brands because this will surely confuse your loyal customers and might just flee away from you and would rather choose your competitor instead. You can always hire a branding company to do this for you, if you’re based in London we have used the branding division in the past and recommend them. If you can’t afford hire a branding agency, the first thing that you need to think is if your brand can be remembered easily.

Branding can also be personal. Building your personal brand for example is something most top level businessmen and women don’t ever get around to doing. Tom Hannemann, a professional resume writer for Advance Yourself states building your personal brand whether through your resume or Linkedin is one of the best career decisions you can make. And we believe this is the same for branding your company!

It is better to choose colours and names that can be remembered easily because this will spread out easily. Avoid using several names because people might forget them easily. Moreover, in choosing a good brand, it has to be unique and special. It should not follow what other companies are having or else the customers will get confused. Your brand should share with other brands. In addition to this, your brand and your logo should have coordination. A logo is a visual representation of your company. Make sure that both are coordinated and looks good with each other. Aside from that a good brand should be suitable to your name and to the products or services that you are selling.

It’s also important to remember branding is not in any way marketing. Although their is obvious cross over, they are 2 completely different things. You don’t see any mention of branding on this marketing methods list and you also wouldn’t see a marketing method on the branding 101 article such as this one.

In summary, a company’s brand is the first form of marketing that is why it has to be chosen really carefully and thoroughly. It is important that brands are planned out well because it is a representation of the company’s beliefs, vision, mission, and goals. A good brand must be remembered easily, must communicate a clear message, must be unique, and must represent your company well.