Building Websites for Tech Companies – 5 How To’s

websites-are-easyBuilding website is easy right?

You design the site, get the OK from the client and then develop it into a great, fast, responsive, highly converting website. It’s all good, everyone is happy.

But things get a bit more complicated if you design a site for a tech company, because the tech industry and usually the products the individual company is offering change so rapidly it is difficult to keep up! I’m going to tell a quick story of 5 How To’s we used to make this easier for a client called Chose a Quadcopter we had recently. I hope you enjoy.

5 How To’s – Keeping Tech Websites Relevant

Ask the Clients

Just ask the clients once a month if there are any big changes coming in the next month or 2. This way you not only have the insight directly from the client’s mouth, but even more importantly if they say something hasn’t been updated you have proof there was nothing needed from their own mouth!

Check the Tech News

Most tech news is very big and will go through one of 2/3 large tech news broadcasters, these are people like techcrunch, wired etc. So if you have a quick look (2-3 mins a day) via these channels you will not only be ahead of the curve but you will also have more knowledge to utilise for your clients promotions.

Keep the Content Evergreen

If you don’t do this already I would highly recommend starting. Evergreen content simply stands for elements that aren’t restricted by dates/seasons or specific events. For example keywords that get a steady search volume each and every month, rather than terms that peak at specific times in the year or calendar, that might not be relevant in 2-3 months time. This helps avoid the “outdated” look of the site when the news if from a large event that was over 2 months ago.

Design Minimal

Tech companies love minimalist designs. Think about the top tech companies in the world. Google, apple, even the top supercar companies in the world all favour the less is more approach. That means people will be more enticed by a design that is slim and streamlined than one that has more going on. This is regardless of how good the actual design is. But its more about how people perceive a company its a tough one to get right but its one rule you must live by.

Images? WTF?

Finally I wanted to talk about the easiest and most difficult tech web design how to. And that’s the imagery.¬†We struggled so hard with the images for our 3 tech clients and not due to the reasons you might think. For example our drone client had amazing photography of what the drone “had taken” but nothing of the drone…. The solution. 2 drones, one photographing the other with different backdrops. Turned out to work fantastically well but you have to think outside the box and always check that these images are still relevant.


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