3 New Design Tools I love – Technology is Great

I wanted to write this article talking about 3 design tools I have recently started using on a daily basis. These are softwares that make my life as a designer so much easier. Now these are not new on the market, at least I don’t think they are. BUt they are things that are making my life so much easier, when it comes to creating graphics with specific sizes (say for Facebook ads for example) or when it comes to linking websites together and copying the branding of each. These little things used to take ages to sort but nowadays I think its easier with these tools and it also takes 1/10th of the time too!

CanvaCanva – Create Specific Sized Text Rich Images

If you are like me, then the specs of a website are extremely frustrating. Take Facebook for example, the site only allows certain pixel sized images and knowing what these are is one thing, but remembering is a completely other thing! – If you look at the size of Facebook ads, you probably think its a 300 x 500 image. But with Canva you not only can find out the exact dimensions for these images but you can actually create the ad inside these dimensions automatically. The site itself is so smooth and easy to use I recommend it to clients who want to tweak their own designs as anyone even a child could use it!

Thrive ThemesThrive Themes – Perfectly Optimised & Converting Websites

Thrive themes and plugins allows individual who don’t know HTML or any advanced WordPress or CSS to make a seriously good looking website using their themes. They created this as they believe that WordPress is great from a ease to set-up point of view, but when it comes to making the site actually look good or convert well, it’s almost impossible unless you have any design knowledge. The Thrive content builder is the thing I would personally recommend above all else. This is a drag and drop website designer that actually works (not like the crappy Godaddy or Wix versions.) The code isn’t cluttered and you can create a landing page, business website, sales page, squeeze page and pretty much anything, all taken from a base template.

Type GeniusType Genius – Find the Perfect Fonts in Seconds

Type Genius is one of those sites that I wondered how I would cope if they ever went down. I use them on a daily basis for both client copywriting and design work. As well as being a design nerd and looking to find the best fonts for future personal projects that I haven’t even started yet! Essentially the site allows you to find the perfect font for your project extremely quickly, without the need for testing and refreshing the website to see if it looks good or any of that rubbish. This is a quick go-to tool for designers who want to see the style and font of text before implementing it into a site.


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